I was introduced to English style curry at a young age by very adventurous parents. In later years, my Mum used to cook perhaps more authentic curries, making her mixes as she went on the day and spending the whole day preparing for friends and family the most amazing tastes with an array of dishes presented beautifully for everyone to enjoy.

All little jars of spice and scent are roasted and ground by hand from the freshest sourced herbs and spices with love. I spend two days a week, measuring, roasting and grinding to make my favourite tandoori/tikka marinade,  balti garam masala mix, balti masala base curry powder and light aromatic spiced salt recipes to add to my favourite curry dishes.

Allergy Advise : Jirah – Balti Masala Mix Contains Black Mustard Seeds

Best Before : All mixes mature with age and are best kept in a dry dark place.  UV light fades both the colours and flavours. For Best Before date: see jar.

All powdered spice mixes come in 50g measures and are likely to settle in the jars except Rahi – Lightly Spiced Salt which is 100g.

Refills will be sent in a sealed plastic bag for to you refill your jar. If you require a  larger quantity, I can do that too in a 100g bag.

Don’t let your jar sit there in the cupboard looking pretty, use it and abuse it. If it tastes good, tell me about it and come back for more!

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Sarika x